The events of July 16th to 22nd 1994, when the remnants of a fragmenting comet, P/Shoemaker-Levy 9, bombarded the surface of Jupiter causing fireballs many times the size of our own planet, were an abrupt wake-up call even for those who were aware of them. The historical sciences generally, and Archaeology in particular, have collectively painted a picture of the past as if our planet stands alone in empty space. Nothing could be further from reality. Our resilient planet exists in a solar system that has experienced a very dynamic history over the past 20 to 30 millennia, and it is only from this wider solar system perspective that the true history of human civilisation will ever be fully understood. The Morien Institute archive therefore contains relevant material from many disciplines.

an image of a meteor flashing through the sky

Image of a revolving globe showing current sea levels since the last ice age, before which many ancient societies like Atlantis flourished all over planet Earth on what are now sunken lands.

Archaeology News Headlines
April 01 - June 30 2017

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Dvaraka Giant Underwater City found in India Video

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May 2017 News Headlines


[John is slowly recovering from an accident at home and is unable to help me update the news pages at present. I am unable to update them myself for May 2017 as I am travelling abroad.
Any updates will be late and we apologise to visitors for the inconvenience - Polly]


"Burying the 5,000-Year-Old Lost City of Pakistan to Save It"
Nature World News (USA)
"Australian Scientists Just Uncovered 50,000 Year Old Proof Of Aboriginal Occupation"
Gizmodo Australia (Australia)
"Shared genetic heritage from Sicily to Cyprus"
Popular Archaeology (USA)
"The mummies of Minya"
Al-Ahram Weekly (Egypt)
"Unexpected Finds Increase Mystery Surrounding Tiahuanaco Citadel"
Latin American Herald Tribune (Venezuela)
"Beads made from meteorite reveal prehistoric culture's reach"
Nature (UK)

"2,000-year-old town found in Uzbekistan"
Daily Sabah (Turkey)
"An excavation group consisting of Chinese and Uzbek archaeologists unearthed ancient city dating back 2,000 years in Central Asia.

As a result of two years' excavation works conducted by the Institute of Archaeology of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) and the Institute of Archaeology of Uzbekistan, an ancient city was unearthed.

The city, as large as Monaco, is located on Ming-Tepe in Ferghana Valley.

In light of the research, it is understood that Ming Tepe was an important city bound to Dayuan Kingdom, which is known for its Fergana horses raising facilities, located on the critical area of the Silk Road."
[Read The Full Story]

[Another new city found in Central Asia! How many more are out there just waiting to be properly excavated? And will they paint a much more accurate picture of ancient history than we get in the Euro-centric version generally taught in western academia? It is well worth reading in full - Ed.]

"Archaeologists discovered the ruins of the 13th-century Teutonic Castle in Unislaw"
PAP (Poland)
"Archaeologists uncover Viking army camp in UK"
The Hindu (India)
"Carbon dating confirms ‘Penang Woman’ is 5,710 years old"
Malay Mail (Malaysia)
"Movement of early humans into the Indian subcontinent"
Popular Archaeology (USA)
"Ancient whale fossil discovered in Peru"
Living in Peru (Peru)
"Underwater search planned for clues to early Islamic city of Ayla"
The Jordan Times (Jordan)
"Early Silk Road Settlement Found in Uzbekistan"
Archaeology Magazine (USA)
"TAP gas pipeline uncovers ancient settlement near Korçë in Albania"
Tornos News (Greece)
"3,000-year-old axes found in farmer's field in mid-Norway"
PhysOrg (USA)
"Early life on land may have thrived in 3.5bn-year-old Pilbara hot spring"
ABC News in Science (Australia)
"Underground Mithras temple discovered in Diyarbakir"
Hürriyet Daily News (Turkey)
"Dreams of the Stone Age dated for first time in southern Africa"
Nature (UK)
"1,800 years old tomb group found in central China"
XinhuaNet (China)
"2,500-year-old statue of Greek god discovered in depths of Black Sea" - story plus video
Tornos News (Greece)

"Twisted textile cords may contain clues to Inca messages"
Science News (USA)
"Animal-hair cords dating to the late 1700s contain a writing system that might generate insights into how the Inca communicated, a new study suggests.

Researchers have long wondered whether some twisted and knotted cords from the Inca Empire, which ran from 1400 to 1532, represent a kind of writing about events and people.

Many scholars suspect that these textile artifacts, known as khipus, mainly recorded decimal numbers in an accounting system.

Yet Spanish colonial documents say that some Inca khipus contained messages that runners carried to various destinations.

Now a new twist in this knotty mystery comes from two late 18th century khipus stored in a wooden box at San Juan de Collata, a Peruvian village located high in the Andes Mountains."
[Read The Full Story]

[This new anaylysis of the corded artifacts of the Inca peoples demonstrates that there are many more methods of writing than the ways we modern peoples are used to. The ingenuity of ancient peoples relating to communication continue to astoud everyone as archaeologists have to admit that their older academic frames of reference and assessment are in contstant need of review. The full story is well worth reading - Ed.]

"Stone-age men were first ‘pianists’, say experts"
The Yorkshire Post (England)
"Pre-Inca pieces found in Cajamarca"
Living in Peru (Peru)
"Tomb Drawing Shows Mongoose on a Leash, Puzzling Archaeologists"
Live Science (USA)
"Religion helped make modern chicken: study" (Australia)
"New haul of Homo naledi bones sheds surprising light on human evolution"
The Guardian (UK)
"Scientists discovered barrows and outlines of ancient fields in the Bialowieza Forest"
PAP (Poland)
"Unique funerary garden unearthed in Thebes"
Ahram Online (Egypt)
"Ancient log boat discovered at Lincoln bypass archaeological dig"
Lincolnshire Live (England)
"1,700-year-old temple reveals ancient religion in east Anatolia"
Daily Sabah (Turkey)
"Whetstone found at suspected Iron Age site near Wick"
BBC News (UK)
"A Spanish quest to hand down prehistoric secrets"
The Local (Spain)
"Ancient Tomb with 'Blue Monster' Mural Discovered in China"
Live Science (USA)
"Ancient jars found at Ayutthaya's Wat Daeng"
The Bankok Post (Thailand)
"Archaeologists discover ancient petroglyph in Guanacaste"
The Tica Times (Costa Rica)


an image of a meteor flashing through the sky


April 2017 News Headlines


"A 130,000-year-old archaeological site in southern California, USA"
Nature (UK)
"Ancient jars found at Ayutthaya's Wat Daeng"
The Bankok Post (Thailand)
"Unexpectedly early signs of Americans"
Nature (UK)
"Archaeologists discover ancient petroglyph in Guanacaste"
The Tica Times (Costa Rica)
"Ancient stone carvings confirm how comet struck Earth in 10,950BC... "
The Daily Telegraph (UK)
"1,100-year-old inscription unearthed from floor of Tiruvannamalai temple"
The Times of India (India)
"Solstice Alignments Discovered in 'Peter Pan' Gardens"
Live Science (USA)
"5,000-year-old skeleton discovered at Guar Kepah construction site"
New Strait Times (Malaysia)
"Neanderthal behaviour, diet, and disease inferred from ancient DNA in dental calculus"
Nature - Letters (UK)

"Unique dragon found in Siberia"
The Siberian Times (Russia)
"Creature with 'a typical serpentine pose' existed more than 2,000 years ago, say scientists.

Detailed analysis of belt buckles unearthed by a Soviet tractor driver in the modern day Republic of Khakassia proves the existence of a distinct dragon on the territory of modern Russia, according to experts.

The mythical creature is seen as distinct from other dragons, notably those famous in China.

'In China of that time, which was Han era, a set image of a dragon, later one the main symbols of the national identity, did not yet exist. Yet the same period in Siberia we have a formed composition of dragon images in a typical serpentine pose', said Andrei Borodovsky, a researcher from the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography, part of the Siberian branch of Russian Academy of Sciences

'Although at the end of the first millennium BC the territory of South Siberia was under very strong Chinese influence, the buckles depicting the Iyussky dragon were most likely were produced locally.

They were original, and not copies. It was an independent development of the image.'

'The dragon's figure is a symbol that allows us to say that Siberia has always had a set of particular, specific features as a cultural area.' "
[Read The Full Story]

[This is really is an amazing discovery in Siberia. The story, which is well worth reading in full, is accompanied by many hi-res images of the belt buckles, other artifacts and a map - Ed.]

"Ancient Anatolian statuette of abundance seeks record at New York auction" - great images
Hürriyet Daily News (Turkey)
"The earliest bird-line archosaurs and the assembly of the dinosaur body plan"
Nature (UK)
"Ancient tools found near Route 8 now believed to be 12,700 years old"
CBC News (Canada)
"Archaeologist Claims He’s Found Great Lost Metropolis in American Plains"
Sputnik International (Russia)
"Medieval priest discovered in elaborate grave 700 years after his death"
Heritage Daily (UK)
"Egyptian Archaeologists Unearth Major Tomb with Mummies in Luxor"
Latin American Herald Tribune (Venezuela)
"Scans of Viking Swords Reveal a Slice of Norse Culture"
Live Science (USA)
"Ancient bones found at Penang’s stone age site"
FMT News (Malaysia)
"Mining threatens Chinese fossil site that revealed planet's earliest animals"
Nature (UK)
"Polish archaeologists have discovered the oldest ancient houses of Nea Paphos in Cyprus"
PAP (Poland)
"Iranian Archaeologists Unearth 2,000 Year Old Underground City"
Sputnik International (Russia)
"Graeco-Roman artefacts discovered at future Alexandria residential site"
Ahram Online (Egypt)
"2,000 year-old Roman emperor's summer home discovered in southern Turkey"
Daily Sabah (Turkey)
"Ancient mummy 'with 1,100 year old Adidas boots' died after she was struck on the head"
The Siberian Times (Russia)
"The earliest bird-line archosaurs and the assembly of the dinosaur body plan"
Nature (UK)
"Egypt Discovers 3,000-Year-Old Tomb Of Nobleman"
Malaysian Digest (Malaysia)
"7,000 years ago, on a Swiss Alp"
Swiss Info (Switzerland)
"News in Digest: Viking supposition"
The Copenhagen Post (Denmark)

"Australia's human history older than thought" - audio & transcript
ABC Radio National - The Science Show (Australia)
"When did humans arrive on this ancient continent?

4,000 years ago, as they thought in 1964?

30,000 years back, as the Lake Mungo finds suggested?

49,000 as indicated by Giles Hamm’s discovery, published last year?

Or even further back?

A revolution in understanding is underway: of genetics, dating, and analysis of human behaviour.

The Science Show brings it all together and traces the history of the first Australians."

[Read The Full Story]

[Well done ABC Radio National! This is an incredible piece of detective work based on the researches of many people over many years. The images are good and explain the transcript of the interviews, which should be read in full to appreciate this amazing work - Ed.]

"Secrets of Mongolian mummy buried in 'Adidas' shoes 1,100 years ago"
IBTimes (UK)
"With Archaeoacoustics, Researchers Listen for Clues to the Prehistoric Past"
Atlas Obscura (USA)
"Iraqis demand action as popular archaeological site neglected"
Al-Monitor - Iraq Pulse (Iraq)
"Prehistoric Native Americans farmed macaws in 'feather factories'"
Nature (UK)
"Archaeologists dispatched to newly-unearthed site in southeast Iran"
Tehran Times (Iran)
"Food webs entangle humans in complex relationships with animals, crops and the environment"
Popular Archaeology (USA)
"A day in the life of a Neolithic woman"
Radio Praha (Czech Repulbic)
"Rome Metro workers accidentally discovered an ancient aqueduct"
The Local (Italy)
"Part of Egyptian Statue May Have Been Discovered by Temple Mount ‘Sifters’"
Jewish Press (Israel)
"Did cliff dwellers use geometry?"
Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette (USA)
"Eastern necropolis of ancient Serdica found at Hyatt Sofia construction site"
The Sofia Globe (Bulgaria)
"Archaeogenetic findings unlock ancestral origins of Sardinians"
EurekAlert (USA)
"13 Ancient Tombs Found In Tibet"
News18 (India)
"Scientists uncover medieval remains of the first English 'living dead'"
The Independent (UK)
"Tayma was a global cultural center, beacon for trade in Bronze Age"
Arab News (Saudi Arabia)
"Ancient teeth offer evidence of Ice Age dentistry"
PhysOrg (USA)
"New archaeological finds rewrite history of town"
The Slovak Spectator (Slovakia)

"Two-stage opening of the Dover Strait and the origin of island Britain"
Nature Communications (UK)
"Late Quaternary separation of Britain from mainland Europe is considered to be a consequence of spillover of a large proglacial lake in the Southern North Sea basin.

Lake spillover is inferred to have caused breaching of a rock ridge at the Dover Strait, although this hypothesis remains untested.

Here we show that opening of the Strait involved at least two major episodes of erosion.

Sub-bottom records reveal a remarkable set of sediment-infilled depressions that are deeply incised into bedrock that we interpret as giant plunge pools.

These support a model of initial erosion of the Dover Strait by lake overspill, plunge pool erosion by waterfalls and subsequent dam breaching.

Cross-cutting of these landforms by a prominent bedrock-eroded valley that is characterized by features associated with catastrophic flooding indicates final breaching of the Strait by high-magnitude flows.

These events set-up conditions for island Britain during sea-level highstands and caused large-scale re-routing of NW European drainage."
[Read The Full Story]

[Some may regard this as a bit technical, but it's the clearest picture we have so far of the events that led to the separation of Britain from continental Europe, and it's well worth reading the full paper to see the many diagrams and fuller explanations - Ed.]

"Steppe migrant thugs pacified by Stone Age farming women"
EurekAlert/University of Copenhagen (USA / Denmark)
"Why was a whale buried on a rainforest property at Kuranda?"
Cairns Post (Australia)
"Skeletons evolved as ocean chemistry changed"
PhysOrg (USA)
"30,000-year-old Ice Age civilisation discovered in Indonesia"
Asian Correspondent (Malaysia)
"Kent State archaeologist explains innovation of 'fluting' ancient stone weaponry"
Popular Archaeology (USA)
"Study of Prehistoric Campfires Opens Window into Neanderthal Daily Life"
Latin American Herald Tribune (Venezuela)
"Medieval villagers mutilated the dead to stop them rising, study finds"
The Guardian (UK)
"Naples man uncovers tooth believed to belong to 'prehistoric mega shark'"
The Local (Italy)
"Archaeologists discover ‘gigantic’ dolmen in Israel’s Upper Galilee"
JNS (Israel)
"These Mysterious Mosaics Reveal the Existence of a Long-Lost Roman City Called Ucetia"
Science Alert (USA)
"800 medieval bodies found during hillfort dig"
Irish Examiner (Ireland)
"Legendary Welsh sword dating to sixth century discovered near Welsh lake" - Hmmm!!!
Wales Online (Cymru)
"Head-on collision gives rise to our moon"
ABC Radio National - The Science Show (Australia)
"Five hard-to-believe non-April Fools' stories from Denmark"
The Local (Denmark)
"Iron Age Remains and Chariot Found in East Yorkshire"
New Historian (UK)
"Antique Artifacts and their Stories on Sozopol’s Past"
Novinite (Bulgaria)
"Scotland's Catastrophic Comet Conspiracy"
Ancient Origins (Australia)
"Mammoth discovery: Six-foot tusk found on Essex beach"
Isle of Wight Radio (England)
"Ancient bones reveal girl's tough life in early Americas"
Nature (UK)

"The Antikythera Mechanism Research Project"
Cardiff/Athens Universites (Cymru/Greece)
[In October 1900, Captain Dimitrious Kondos was leading a team of sponge divers near the the island of Antikythera off the coast of Greece. They noticed a shipwreck about 180 feet below the surface and began to investigate. Amongst the artifacts that they brought up was a coral-encrusted piece of metal that later archaeologists found was some sort of gear wheel.

The rest of the artifacts, along with the shape of the boat, suggested a date around 2000 years ago, which made the find one of the most anomalous that had ever been recovered from the Greek seas. It became known as The Antikythera Mechanism.

In 2006 the journal "Nature" published a
letter, and another paper about the mechanism was published in 2008, detailing the findings of Prof. Mike G. Edmunds of Cardiff University. Using high-resolution X-ray tomography to study the fragments of the anomalous Antikythera Mechanism, they found that it was in fact a bronze mechanical analog computer that could be used to calculate the astronomical positions and various cycles of the Moon - as seen from the Earth: - Ed]

Part of the Antikythera Mechanism
an image of Part of the Antikythera Mechanism, which is also a clickable link directly to the Lichfield Blog story
Copyright © 2006
Antikythera Mechanism Research Project

2000-year-old analog computer recreated

More Antikythera Mechanism Information & Commentary:

"Human Skeleton Found on Famed Antikythera Shipwreck"
Scientific American (USA)
"Scientists decipher purpose of mysterious astronomy tool made by ancient Greeks"
CBC News (Canada)
"Beyond the Antikythera mechanism"
Nature Blogs (UK)
"Archimedes’ legendary sphere brought to life"
Nature News (UK)
"Discovery about the Antikythera Mechanism reveals surprising advances in early Greek science"
University of Puget Sound (USA)
"World's oldest computer is more ancient than first thought... "
The Daily Mail Online (UK)
"New international mission ready to explore Antikythera shipwreck"
eKathimerini (Greece)
"Return to Antikythera: Divers revisit wreck where ancient computer found"
The Guardian Science Blog (UK)
"In search of lost time"
Nature (UK)
"World’s First Computer Displayed Olympic Calendar"
Wired Gadget Lab (USA)
"Antikythera Mechanism - World's earliest existing analogue computer"
HotnHit News (India)
"In search of lost time"
Nature (UK)
"Imaging the Antikythera Computer"
Wired Gadget Lab (USA)
"Decoding an Ancient Computer: Greek Technology Tracked the Heavens"
Scientific American (USA)
"2,000 Year Old Computer Yields Her Secrets"
Wired Gadget Lab (USA)
"Watch a video explaining the Antikythera mechanism"
Nature (UK)
"Antikythera mechanism"
Wikipedia (USA)
"World's First Computer Rebuilt, Rebooted After 2,000 Years"
Wired Gadget Lab (USA)
"Antikythera: A 2,000-year-old Greek computer comes back to life"
The Guardian Science Blog (UK)
Google image search results for The Antikythera mechanism
Google (USA)


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an image of a meteor flashing through the sky


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