The events of July 16th to 22nd 1994, when the remnants of a fragmenting comet, P/Shoemaker-Levy 9, bombarded the surface of Jupiter causing fireballs many times the size of our own planet, were an abrupt wake-up call even for those who were aware of them. The historical sciences generally, and Archaeology in particular, have collectively painted a picture of the past as if our planet stands alone in empty space. Nothing could be further from reality. Our resilient planet exists in a solar system that has experienced a very dynamic history over the past 20 to 30 millennia, and it is only from this wider solar system perspective that the true history of human civilisation will ever be fully understood. The Morien Institute archive therefore contains relevant material from many disciplines.

an image of a meteor flashing through the sky

Image of a revolving globe showing current sea levels since the last ice age, before which many ancient societies like Atlantis flourished all over planet Earth on what are now sunken lands.

Archaeology News Headlines
October 01 to December 31 2017

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an image of a meteor flashing through the sky


October 2017 News Headlines


[I will try to keep the news pages updated while John is recovering but this will not be as good and timely as the service John has provided over the past almost 20 years as our Web Editor. Thank you again to everyone who continues to send in news stories, and the many good wishes for John. We really appreciate your support and cannot thank you enough - Polly]



"Archaeologists have discovered in the Himalayas, a huge stone army (photo)"
The Siver Times (Canada)
"Prehistoric rock paintings similar to Utah Canyon discovered in Telangana"
The Times of India (India)
"Ancient Turkish town prepares to vanish under floodwaters"
PhysOrg (USA)
"Ancient Greek theater of Thouria uncovered in 'excellent condition'"
Tornos News (Greece)
"Prehistoric teeth fossils dating back 9.7 million years 'could rewrite human history'"
The Independent (UK)
"Iron Age skeletal remains discovered on Irish coast after Storm Ophelia"
The Irish Post (Ireland)
"Saudi Arabia retrieves 52,000 historical artefacts since 2011"
Zawya (Dubai)
"Study reshapes understanding of climate change's impact on early societies"
Popular Archaeology (USA)
"Sethupathy period boundary stone with inscriptions found"
The Hindu (India)
"Hundreds of mysterious gate structures discovered in desserts of Saudi Arabia"
IBT News (Singapore)
"Head of Queen Ankhnespepy II statue discovered in Giza's Saqqara"
Ahram Online (Egypt)
"Santorini island excavation unearths Bronze Age settlement"
Tornos News (Greece)
"Was this ancient person from China the offspring of modern humans and Neandertals?"
Science Magazine (USA)

"Mountainside gallery where all civilisations added their own art from Bronze Age to medieval times"
The Siberian Times (Russia)
"On the border between Russia and Mongolia, we reveal awe-inspiring Kara-Turug petroglyphs, and they contain a BIG secret about ancient Siberia.

There are 500 or so exhibits and the artwork here spanning some 4,000 years until the end of the first millennium AD.

Every major civilisation added their own distinct imprint to the collection of rock art at Dus-Dag mountain in modern-day Tuva Republic, literally from the age of the spear until well into medieval times.

Archeologist Dr Marina Kilunovskaya said: 'This way they were marking their presence, showing that they were now the owners here.'

To their credit, successive civilisations coming here did not destroy the jottings of those who went before them.

Each new incoming group on this crossroads of ancient civilisation enriched the collection with their own artistic flourishes."
[Read The Full Story]

[It really is a refreshing change to find that in some parts of the world ancient artistic drawings were respected by incoming peoples migrating to this area. It's well worth a visit to read the full story and see the many incredible images of the ancient art - Ed.]

"The Race to Crack the Code"
Archaeology Magazine (USA)
"Ancient site in Peru turns up violent, but not deadly lifestyle"
The Asahi Shimbun (Japan)
"This tiny ornament may have belonged to Harold Bluetooth’s shaman"
Science Nordic (Denmark)
"Ancient child tombs found in China"
China Daily (China)
"Volcanic eruptions may have contributed to war in ancient Egypt"
ABC Science News (Australia)
"Researchers find name of Allah woven into ancient Viking burial fabrics"
The Independent (UK)
"Inca citadel remains found in Cusco"
Andina (Peru)
"Mysterious disk found in Ancient Greek Antikythera shipwreck"
Tornos News (Greece)
"DNA deepens mystery of Newfoundland's lost Beothuk people"
The Globe & Mail (Canada)
"Polished rock shows effects of earliest life on Earth" - audio and transcript
ABC Radio National - The Science Show (Australia)
"In the Time of the Rosetta Stone"
Archaeology Magazine (USA)
"French-Swiss archaeological mission unearth mini-pyramid in Saqqara"
Egypt Independent (Egypt)
"DNA shows no trace of contact between ancient Easter Islanders and South America"
ABC Science News (Australia)
"Gold coin sheds new light on 5th-century Swedish island massacre"
The Local (Sweden)

"Aboriginal Australians Observed Red Giant Stars’ Variability"
Sky & Telescope (USA)
"Australian Aborigines probably observed the cyclical changes in the brightness of pulsating red giant stars such as Antares, Betelgeuse, and Aldebaran.

They integrated their observations into their oral traditions - cultural narratives that served as a system of laws, social rules, and general knowledge transmission.

European astronomers realized that red giants changed in brightness in 1596, when David Fabricius registered the variability of the star Mira.

Johannes Hevelius went on to calculate the amplitude and periodicity of Mira's changes in 1662.

But the oral traditions of Australian Aborigines could go much further back in time: they have inhabited the fifth continent for more than 65,000 years.

Research examining oral tradition for geological events, such as volcanic eruptions or meteorite impacts, have shown that such oral traditions can survive for thousands of years."
[Read The Full Story]

[It is good again to see that ancient oral traditions are being taken seriously as evidence of the accurate observations of ancient peoples. It is well worth reading the full story - Ed.]

"Orpheus’ Lyre Rock Engraving Discovered in Bulgaria’s Eastern Rhodope Mountains"
Archaeology in Bulgaria (Bulgaria)
"Mysterious Stone Tools Unearthed at Bronze-Age Site in Wales"
Live Science (USA)
"Fossil of Thailand's biggest ever dinosaur found"
BELTA (Belarus)
"Bronze Age equipment found on Swiss mountain pass"
The Local (Switzerland)
"2,000-year-old olive oil mill uncovered in Turkey’s Aegean region"
Daily Sabah (Turkey)
"Chic women's jewellery made of coal, encrusted with jade and coral from 2,200 years ago"
The Siberian Times (Russia)
"Traces of 4,000-year-old house discovered in north Zealand"
The Copenhagen Post (Denmark)
"Antikythera shipwreck yields bronze arm – and hints at spectacular haul of statues"
The Guardian (UK)
"Egypt unearths 4,300-year-old Pharaonic obelisk in Giza" - amazing aerial photo of the site
New China / XinhuaNet (China)
"Archeologists discover Bronze era pottery in western Iran"
BELTA (Belarus)
"3,200-Year-Old Stone Inscription Tells of Trojan Prince, Sea People"
Live Science (USA)
"Rare artifacts uncovered pointing to role of women in Peru’s largest pre-Columbian city"
Peru Reports (Peru)

"Ancient wall markings of wild animals uncovered in South Aswan"
Ahram Online (Egypt)
"During an archaeological survey in the desert of Subeira Valley, south Aswan, an Egyptian archaeological mission from the Ministry of Antiquities stumbled upon pre-Dynastic rock markings.

Mostafa Waziri, secretary-general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, explained that the markings can be dated to the late pre-Dynastic era, and were found engraved on sandstone rocks.

They depict scenes of troops of renowned animals at that time, such as hippopotamuses, wild bulls and donkeys, as well as gazelles.

Markings showing workshops for the production of tools and instruments were also found on some of the rocks."
[Read The Full Story]

[This is a really interesting unique discovery, and these pre-dynastic rock drawings urgently need to be protected from vandalism. It is well worth reading the full story and seeing the two phtotos of the site and the markings - Ed.]

"Incredible find of classical statues at Antikythera shipwreck in Greece"
Tornos News (Greece)
"Ancient grain reveals the development of the earliest cities"
Science Nordic (Denmark)
"Crossing the Alps in the Neolithic age"
SwissInfo (Switzerland)
"Diprotodon: Australia's extinct giant wombat-like marsupial may have been seasonal migrant"
ABC Science News (Australia)
"Space Archaeology: In the Realm of Resolution"
NASA Earth Observatory (Earth Orbit)
"Underwater exploration study on Ram Setu to take off in December"
Hindustan Times (India)
"Gypsum head of King Akhenaten statue unearthed in Minya: statement"
Egypt Independent (Egypt)
"Spreading the word: How the term 'horse' migrated west with the Yamnaya people"
HorseTalk (New Zealand)
"Aboriginal massacre sites uncovered in first forensic science study"
ABC News (Australia)
"3 Sentenced to Prison for Looting Mississippi Indian Mound"
U.S. News & World Report (USA)
"Happy 350,000th birthday: Study pushes back Homo sapiens origins"
Malay Mail (Malaysia)
"Underwater exploration to study if Ram Setu is man-made from December"
One India (India)

"The Antikythera Mechanism Research Project"
Cardiff/Athens Universites (Cymru/Greece)
[In October 1900, Captain Dimitrious Kondos was leading a team of sponge divers near the the island of Antikythera off the coast of Greece. They noticed a shipwreck about 180 feet below the surface and began to investigate. Amongst the artifacts that they brought up was a coral-encrusted piece of metal that later archaeologists found was some sort of gear wheel.

The rest of the artifacts, along with the shape of the boat, suggested a date around 2000 years ago, which made the find one of the most anomalous that had ever been recovered from the Greek seas. It became known as The Antikythera Mechanism.

In 2006 the journal "Nature" published a
letter, and another paper about the mechanism was published in 2008, detailing the findings of Prof. Mike G. Edmunds of Cardiff University. Using high-resolution X-ray tomography to study the fragments of the anomalous Antikythera Mechanism, they found that it was in fact a bronze mechanical analog computer that could be used to calculate the astronomical positions and various cycles of the Moon - as seen from the Earth: - Ed]

Part of the Antikythera Mechanism
an image of Part of the Antikythera Mechanism, which is also a clickable link directly to the Lichfield Blog story
Copyright © 2006
Antikythera Mechanism Research Project

2000-year-old analog computer recreated

More Antikythera Mechanism Information & Commentary:

"Mysterious disk found in Ancient Greek Antikythera shipwreck"
Tornos News(Greece)
"Antikythera shipwreck yields bronze arm – and hints at spectacular haul of statues"
The Guardian (UK)
"Incredible find of classical statues at Antikythera shipwreck in Greece"
Tornos News (Greece)
"Beyond the Antikythera mechanism"
Nature Blogs (UK)
"Archimedes’ legendary sphere brought to life"
Nature News (UK)
"Discovery about the Antikythera Mechanism reveals surprising advances in early Greek science"
University of Puget Sound (USA)
"World's oldest computer is more ancient than first thought... "
The Daily Mail Online (UK)
"New international mission ready to explore Antikythera shipwreck"
eKathimerini (Greece)
"Return to Antikythera: Divers revisit wreck where ancient computer found"
The Guardian Science Blog (UK)
"In search of lost time"
Nature (UK)
"World’s First Computer Displayed Olympic Calendar"
Wired Gadget Lab (USA)
"Antikythera Mechanism - World's earliest existing analogue computer"
HotnHit News (India)
"In search of lost time"
Nature (UK)
"Imaging the Antikythera Computer"
Wired Gadget Lab (USA)
"Decoding an Ancient Computer: Greek Technology Tracked the Heavens"
Scientific American (USA)
"2,000 Year Old Computer Yields Her Secrets"
Wired Gadget Lab (USA)
"Watch a video explaining the Antikythera mechanism"
Nature (UK)
"Antikythera mechanism"
Wikipedia (USA)
"World's First Computer Rebuilt, Rebooted After 2,000 Years"
Wired Gadget Lab (USA)
"Antikythera: A 2,000-year-old Greek computer comes back to life"
The Guardian Science Blog (UK)
Google image search results for The Antikythera mechanism
Google (USA)


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"Ancient Metrology, Vol I:
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Metrological Continuity in
Neolithic, Bronze, and
Iron Age Europe"

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"Carnac, The Alignments"
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"Howard Crowhurst in this book has presented the most brilliant analysis of a megalithic site in the entire history of archaeology.

His elucidations of the geometrical, mathematical, and astronomical principles by which ancient Carnac was constructed prove that megalithic science was astonishingly advanced.

The book gives us unprecedented insight into the minds of the intellectuals of a lost civilisation, which we may at last begin to comprehend as a result of what Crowhurst has found during more than twenty years of living on site.

His book is an epochal achievement."

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"The 2300 BC Event takes a new look at an old puzzle: what happened
at this date to cause the various advanced societies on the Earth to simultaneously collapse?

Civilizations in Anatolia and Greece, through Egypt and the Middle East, and eastward to India and Central Asia were at their height. The collapse of these civilizations due to earthquakes and climatic changes has been mirrored by similar interruptions on all continents, in the Arctic, and extending to the Pacific.

The discontinuities have long puzzled archaeologists and historians. New religions and accompanying mythologies appeared at this time in all cultural regions describing bombardment and flooding from the skies.

Strangely, the dominant aspect of the mythologies, however, is the observation and worship of a ring appearing to surround the Earth, oriented to the two Ursa (Bear) constellations."

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"The 2300 BC Event Vol. 2:
The Eyewitness Accounts"

M. M. Mandelkehr

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"Some time around 2300 BC the Earth encountered a dense clustering of space debris, the early Southern & Northern Taurid meteoroid stream. The result was an intense fall of meteoroids, some of them sufficiently large to cause surface destruction.

Simultaneous with the meteoroid fall was a huge downpouring of water which caused flash flooding. Extensive destruction and loss of life resulted. An astonishing aspect of the event was the formation of a ring surrounding the Earth, reflecting sunlight during the day, hiding some stars at night, and moving around the sky through a 24-hour period.

Following the 'main event', there were crustal movements which shifted the location of water sources, and caused earthquakes which destroyed settlements. Abrupt severe climate changes occurred."

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"The 2300 BC Event Vol. 3:
The Eyewitness Accounts 2"

M. M. Mandelkehr

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"The Northern/Southern Taurid meteoroid stream is identified as the specific meteoroid stream that the Earth encountered at 2300 BC.

The Earth's encounter with a dense cluster of large objects would produce atmospheric phenomena very different from the pleasant and interesting night displays of meteor trails that are within our own experience.

The rain of objects would have generated extraordinary visual and auditory effects combined with ground vibrations; and under extreme conditions would bring about severe surface destruction and loss of life.

The overall event was associated by the people with powerful deities and formed the basis for major religions. The mythologies and traditions are, in large part, the residues of those religions."

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